Private Swimming Tours

Private Swimming Tours

Escaping the summer heat in Istanbul isn't just about swimming in pools. Of course, you can swim in the cool waters of the Bosphorus without having to search for a clean beach. We organize special swimming tours for you and offer swimming opportunities in the most suitable areas of the Bosphorus. You can also arrange Private Swimming Tours with your friends in Istanbul's bays and surroundings. By choosing the unique services of Den Den Marine, you can enjoy the sea and sun on a luxurious yacht and indulge in its comfort.

Our Private Swimming Tours are a journey to dozens of hidden paradises around Istanbul for you to swim. You can visit and enjoy all the bays with these tours or anchor in a calm and beautiful bay to swim in a secluded sea. The yachts you rent on our tours are equipped with all the equipment you need for Private Swimming Tours. Our yachts have sunbathing mats on suitable surfaces for sunbathing on the deck, and if you wish, you can have a unique experience swimming against the wind during the cruise.

Of course, our showers are always at your service, and all our yachts are equipped with the necessary equipment for your needs such as food and drink. All yachts in the Den Den Marine fleet push the limits of luxury and provide all the necessary conditions for the best experience.


The package tours organized by our company will, of course, have a set duration. However, you can travel to your desired location for as long as you wish by renting yachts by the hour for Private Swimming Tours. Also, the hourly rental procedure of our yachts is not a per-person payment; the number of people specified as the yacht's capacity is included in the hourly rate.

Private Swimming Tours allow you to escape the city crowd within minutes during the summer months and journey towards a nearly different world, making you fall in love with Istanbul. Private Swimming Tours, the best way to enjoy the sea you always watched but never had the chance to swim in, are now offered to you with the quality and difference of Den Den Marine. Call us now to experience this on our high-tech motor yachts with our friendly and experienced staff. We are always at your service to offer you the best services.

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