Islands Trip

Islands Trip

Istanbul is one of the world's most miraculous cities that many of us haven't fully appreciated. Wouldn't you like to experience this city with its 8,000 years of history, unique Bosphorus, and of course its islands, and take a Princes' Islands Cruise Tour? We insist that you will never forget this journey seeing Istanbul from the sea and that you will always be our guest.

Imagine yourself sipping a drink while sunbathing on the deck of a beautiful yacht. As the scent of the Marmara mixes with the wind and a cool breeze hits your face, the islands will appear on the horizon, and when you look back, the silhouette of that city, written about in poems and songs, made famous in wars, will emerge before your eyes. The Princes' Islands Cruise Tour will offer you the opportunity to see the land you are constantly on. With this postcard-like scenery in the background, you can take photos with your loved ones and immortalize these unique moments.

Although we offer the Princes' Islands Cruise as a package tour, you can rent yachts hourly and change it as you wish. With the hourly rental option, you can choose your route and stop wherever you want for as long as you want. Of course, you can join our group tours individually or with your family. It would be beneficial to contact us for the dates and times of the tours. Because guests exceeding the capacity

cannot be accepted on the yachts.

For our Princes' Islands Cruise services, you can choose from our yachts of various sizes. Our yachts, with capacities ranging from 12 to 120 people, will be at your service with crews set up according to the number of participants. Various food and beverage options are offered throughout the Princes' Islands Cruise. In the case of rental, the food and beverage concept will be determined according to your preference and announced on the tours. Also, all our yachts have an internal sound system, and you can enjoy pleasant moments listening to music and having fun.

Our yachts comply with legal safety equipment standards, and all our staff are specially trained and experienced individuals.

You can experience the Princes' Islands Cruise safely on our regularly maintained, new model yachts and truly enjoy Istanbul.

Whether you live in Istanbul or not, you must experience the Princes' Islands Cruise. We offer you a cruise experience that a ferry cannot provide and use all our resources to ensure you have a great time.

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